Welcome to the Sandbox! The NCAE Cyber Games Sandbox allows registered users in the CAE community to launch challenges designed to prepare students for the NCAE Cyber Games national competition. To learn how to interact with our virtual training environments, start by reading the instructions below or by watching the short video to the right.

Good luck and have fun!

STEP 1: Login to your c2games.org account.

Don’t have an account yet? Register here.

STEP 2: Browse the available challenges and learn how to play.

Tip: Take a few minutes to watch the how-to videos for each challenge.

STEP 3: Select “Create Environment.”

Tip: Be patient with these steps as your virtual environment is created on demand!

STEP 4: Once created, additional options will appear.

STEP 5: Select “Start Environment.”

Tip: Environments are also known as “virtual machines” or VMs. ALWAYS start your VMs using this button as background VMs are launched at this time, too!

STEP 6: Select “Launch Environment” and verify your identity again for security

STEP 7: View your new VMs by expanding the window in the upper left and the > dropdown next to sandbox1

STEP 8: Right-click on a VM and select “Console” to view your VM.

Tip: Make sure your browser is set to allow pop-ups!

STEP 9: When finished, you can either Pause your VMs to resume your work later OR Destroy the VMs to clean everything up.

Tip: You can always destroy and recreate your VMs to reset a challenge.

Final Note: Please Pause or Destroy your VMs if you are not currently using the Sandbox for resource efficiency. Thank you!