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Packet Man Ping

Users are challenged to play the Packet Man Ping video game to bridge the conceptual domain to the applied domain in cybersecurity. This educational video game consists of multiple levels where Packet Man Ping encounters various networking and cyber issues. The user then leaves the game and enters our virtual environment that mirrors everything encountered in the level. Users must then accomplish everything that was conceptually covered in the game in an applied manner in a VM to receive a flag.

Mini Hacks

Users are challenged to configure various VMs to follow a topology and check in with a scoring server for accuracy. The first Mini Hack tier challenges users to deploy similar technologies as the actual competition such as a Linux router and website. In the future, additional tiers will become available that incorporate other services, practice CTF challenges, and quirky problems to troubleshoot and remedy. We recommend users get together with their other club members and take on the Mini Hack challenges… then reset everything and try to do it again as a team even faster! These are critical skills that each team member should experience prior to competition day!

World of Bills

In the World of Bills challenge, you take on a persona working at a fake business, James Rice Inc. Many other “Bills” also work at James Rice Inc. and they currently maintain the primary company server. You are taking over for another manifestation of Bill at the company and must now maintain 1 of many secondary servers. You will be tasked to complete numerous activities that will require you to demonstrate fundamental ability with a Linux CLI. Don’t get fired!

Capture The Flag

Users are presented a series of challenges of varying difficulty across several security domain categories. Challenges are presented on a Jeopardy-style scoreboard consisting of categories such as cryptography, reverse engineering, and trivia. The goal of each challenge is to use the information provided to solve (“capture”) the challenge and submit the answer (“flag”).